Stump Grinding

When you hire a tree service to remove trees, they usually leave tree stump behind. This can mar the appearance of your yard or even pose a safety hazard as friends or family members could trip over the tree stump. It certainly isn’t what you bargained for when you paid to have the tree removed. Let BR Tree Service remove tree stumps from your yard so that you have full access to all of your yard.

BR Tree Service employs certified arborists who can quickly and thoroughly perform tree stump grinding services. Our arborists can also remove trees in your yard and grind down the stumps, so they do not stick out. We can tackle tough stumps that are located on a hill, large stumps, or even stumps that are wedged in a very narrow location in your yard.
If you want to replant in that spot, it is essential to remove all parts of the stump, even those that are buried deep underground. It just is not cost-effective or time-effective to do this yourself, since it requires special equipment that you do not have access to. For affordable stump grinding in Central Massachusetts, contact BR Tree Service.